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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day that started late.. sushant called, "bkl kab niklega? "
Life's not a sorted piece of story, sometimes you really have to run before you can properly walk. And so my day started racing through time, get ready in 20 minutes. Met divyangana in JU main campus, had a nice time talking to her. Sushant arrived late (as usual). The matter of surprise is that this lazy soul doesn't care about the fact that he's in a totally alienated city, yet he's slow in moving his butt.
These were one of the many initial experiences till noon.
Life's not a sorted piece of poem, the metaphor to describe of of the deepest emotions has no place in the dictionary.
I went to 2 religious spots in the city.. It saddens me to see when such religious places of great attraction for tourists becomes a place of mass business. There are people (of the place) to charge hefty amount for a VIP visit of the idol. If God exists, does he exist to the rich? People who don't have money cannot claim for that favour.
Our country is home to 1.2 billion people. A recent "Teach for India" seminar claimed a statistical analysis that reveals about 10% of that figure will never go to school. Left aside the 12 million people, the people who own money are educated enough, can they not distinctly segregate the conman from the salesman?
There comes a time too frequently in a person's life, when a great deal of work needs to be done, and you are the lone analyzer and the contender for the work. I'm too stressed to even type in the details of the many things I'm struggling with, but there's one thing that is certain, I am working, and I will WIN :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The night is dark just before the dawn, these were lines from the movie ' The Dark Knight'. It holds a greater relevance when we talk of courage.
We all fear something, i have a friend who fears snakes. Mahatma Gandhi, during his childhood was afraid of the dark. Fear remains the foremost cause of failure till date. But how long will the night haunt us? There has to be light...somewhere within!